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Photo by Kelsea

 A pet is so much more than a responsibility, it is more than a chore. Pets are our friends. They know when you are feeling low, when you are hurting. They sense our fears and our worries and they know when we just need a hug. It’s all that warm and fuzzy stuff that I love about pets. But what do the pets see that make them know? Meet Timmy. My sisters cat, a ball of energy. I swear he can jump and touch the ceiling if we baited him with a laser.. Anyway! Here’s a day in the life of Timmy the Tom Cat!

What I See.. My humans are all asleep and I wander through the dark home as if it were my castle. The leading human sleeps with the loud dog, the boy is thankfully peaceful, and the girl is all curled up with her pillows. The other girl is in the garage. She shut the door and I can’t check to be sure she is safe, so I scratch and meow till I hear her yell at me. Once I know my humans are fine, I find my favorite bell ball and swat it down the hall and around the living room. I love to play at night. Every now and again I hear them move and I’m quiet for a bit, listening for them. I drift off to sleep and eventually I am woken up by the boy. He picks me up and gives me a snuggle. I don’t really like this..but he’s a harmless human, he just wants to be loved. So I let him cuddle me until I grow tired and I get away. The bigger girl is up next. Her I run from, but she gets me, picks me up and before I know it I’m lying on my back and being cuddled. I don’t really mind so much, they are gentle with me. I just enjoying being able to walk around on my own and not be picked up every few moments. The big girl is up, the one who sleeps in the garage. She pets me and plays with me. Every now and again she catches me by surprise and holds me, kisses my head and let’s me go. Strange human. The leader human puts them all in order and soon it is just me and the dog in the house once more. I love playing chase with the dog. I bop her on the head and she chases me around. We roll on the floor and have a blast. I watch the outside world from the window pane and long to roll in the grass. When the first person to get home finally gets here I stand by the door. Once it opens, I’m out! The feel of the warm sun and the soft grass, I jump right in and roll about in that lush grass. When I feel like it i go to the door and scratch at the bottom till it opens and then I lay on the sofa, completely content. Curling my tail around me as I drift off for a well needed cat nap.

What do you see behind the eyes of your favorite companion?