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Photo found on Pinterest

When I look at this word, I see the word Escape tucked behind the word nature. When I see the images that appear on screen when I type this word into any site that brings it up, I find some truly amazing piece of nature that I wish I could escape to. I found this latest image on Pinterest, as most of my photos are. Just by punching in the aforementioned word. What feelings jump to your mind when you see such an image? Where do you see yourself?

What I See.. Standing on the rim of the cave, looking down into clear, crystalline waters, I find myself shaking with both fear and delight. It’s not the first time I’ve jumped off the edge into the water, and it won’t be the last. However this is a new height, and it’s terrifyingly sweet. I know the rush from falling will take my breath away, the chill of the water will freezer me to my bones. I know it’s safe. This cave has been checked many times, there are no sharp rocks or anything to fear. I just have to make my legs work. I close my eyes, forget my surroundings and leap off the edge with a shout. I open my eyes as I fall endlessly into those gorgeous waters. Straightening my legs and crossing my arms at my chest as I was taught, I hit the water and shiver. The beauty of those clean clear waters assaults my senses. I bob up to the surface and wave to the friends of mine who are still on the rim, I swim away so they can jump. Oh the laughs to be shared when like minded people come together for a new adventure. We splash in the waters of that cave for a while, our bags are lowered down on a rope and we gingerly take them to the mouth of the cave. But my eyes scan the walls of the cave, they are rough and cracked, there are jutting ledges. I find myself itching to climb up those walls. I didn’t bring my belay or extra climbing rope. Only enough for a tether line as we crawls through the dark, damp cave and back into the hot sun. The cuts and scrapes I’ve acquired from this trip are well worth the adventure.

Where in nature would you escape to? Somewhere local you’ve never explored? A distant place you’ve longed to go? Search and discover!