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Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 0

Location: Guliford, CT

Photo by Kelsea
Photo by Kelsea

I am calling today, day Zero because we didn’t do much but travel. I arrived at my destination around 3:00pm and waited until later in the day in order to have a “Meet and Greet” which included yummy pizza and information about what a deckhand’s duties were to be. I discovered I am the only female in training for this position. Well! There were plenty of questions, most of them being fired from myself. I received my schedule for the next two days of training and was told I might be put on a ship come Friday! I’m excited. The adventure is only just beginning, and I know I have my work cut out for me, but what a wonderful way to travel!

My day will start at 6am tomorrow and it will not end until 6:00pm that night. I will be taught how to tie knots, steer a large vessel, and safety measures. I will be learning new skills, remembering old ones, and discovering my limits as I work my day. Honestly, I’m excited for it all to begin! Though I am unsure of how I will do, I am confident that I will be putting my best foot forward. I am ready for this new. Chapter in my life, and who knows, maybe it’ll spark some heat under my feet to get my novel done!

How I’m feeling: Excited. Revved up. Like a conquerer!