Adventures of a deckhand

Day: 21

Location: Bucksport, ME

Well I haven’t written in a few days and for that I’m sorry! Things have been busy and I’ve been tired. But upon request I am starting back up once more! Today I have spent the day in the little town of Bucksport where by 9:00pm the entire town is shut down. It’s beautiful here though. The water shines like black glass, reflecting the town on the water as if it were a mirrored dimension one could just sink into. The stars are out in full force and light the sky like glittering diamonds. I have painted the boat, I have run lines by the day, and hauled tons of trash!! I still enjoy the job, it’s absolutely great! Sometimes dealing with one particular supervisor becomes difficult.. I’m one of those people who pushes themselves to the limit  I feel rather belittled and disrespected when someone talks down to me or makes it seem like they think I can’t do my job. It angers me..



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