Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 6

Location: Rockland 

Well, as you see, if you’ve been keeping up with me, I’ve missed a day! I was so dang tired I couldn’t have written a coherent sentence if my life depended on it.  I did, however, get to find out something I never knew about myself.. I get seasick. I was fine when I was at the helm, yes, I drove the cruise ship! It was absolutely amazing! But anywhere else, I was basically curled up in a little ball, which was not pleasant. I decided I want to start a running tally of all the beautiful things I see when I am away from home. I have seen three Dolphins, one Seal, five starfish on posts, and lots of flocks of seagulls! I saw a whole bunch of osprey, and even a black duck that is apparently called a Canuck? Not really sure how to spell that.. It’s a black duck with a white bill, it dives under the water and actually swims! It was really cool to see, I wish I could have gotten a picture. While we were tossing around in the sea, the storm got bad enough we needed to turn around. So instead of heading to Portland, we made our way back through choppy waters out to Rockland. It really is pretty here.  
This is in the main square. 


There is a really cool lighthouse museum.


And a giant iron lobster!

Feeling: Excited! Sleep deprived. Happy! 


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