Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 3

Location: Rockland, ME

Today my day started at 6:30am I helped pull in the lines from Belfast and then helped with the anchor when we reached Camden. I even got to help ready the tender to go to the mainland! That was when I was finally able to take a nap.

After Camden we pulled up the anchor and we were on our way to Rockland. I got to help by tossing the lines over, washing all the windows,  scrubbed the side of the boat, sprayed anti rust stuff, and had some great meals!

I’m actually still working up a storm… I don’t get off until 6am this is gonna be rough! But I’ll pull through! Who knows maybe I can get some parts of my story done! Wouldn’t that be great! Tomorrow is gonna be another long day! But it promises to be a good one! More news on my adventures to follow later.

Feeling: excited, tired, bored, ready to do some work! 


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