Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 2

Location: Guliford, CT

Yesterday was my second day of training. I was so exhausted afterwards thy I got bck to the hotel me crashed till morning. I know the hard work is just beginning, and that’s okay with me! We worked on steering simulations. The hardest part was when they had us stay on a steady point. Remembering all the commands you need to say was definitely a task in and of itself. We also had a heaving line throwing contest. Tossing a monkey fist attached to a line, was a lot of fun. We get to yell really loud! I won. Did I mention I was the only female in a training class of 11? Go girl power! I received my uniforms and we went over more safety procedures. The entire training expierence is just so exciting!! Today I am on my way to my first port! I’m excited to get onboard.  Keep checking back with me! As I find time I will be posting regular updates!! When my schedule allows, anyway. 

Feeling: Excited, Anxious, Ready for this Adventure!!


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