Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 1

Location: Guliford, CT

  Today was my first dose of what a 12 hour day would be like. Though we didn’t get much for training done, I learned two types of knots, how to do a back splice, and even how everything on the ship works. I was told about the schedule and how they stagger it to make the work load easier to bare. I was told about how tips were split evenly. This company quite simply sounds like a lot of fun to work for! At the beginning of the day, they told us that they didn’t have very many spots available, however when the class ended, five of us received our orders for getting aboard! I was lucky enough to get on the American Glory. It travels up and down the east coast from RI to ME, and that means I’ll be close by family at all times. My sister is thrilled. We went over uniforms, pay schedules, and of course there was a boat load of safety techniques that I have put to memory. I am a female in a male dominated role, well, I guess it’s not the first time! Heck, I am the only female in my training class!! I’ve been sailing many times, but this will be the first time that I will be cruising down the waterways as a deckhand. There is a lot of hard work, little room for error, and less room for poor attitudes. I’m felling petty good about making it as far as I have. I know that there is much more rigorous training to come, especially when I get on my boat! I still don’t quite know how I am going to get there, but I do know they are going to get me there soon!! Yay! Tomorrow I will be working on the steering simulator, working with lines and knots, and tossing a heaving line. The most dangerous part of my job is docking the ship. They went over what if scenarios that don’t (knock on wood) happen. Such as slipping overboard and being squished between the boat and the pier.. Loosing appendages due to the ropes snagging jewelry. Scary options..but it all comes down to listening to the basic instructions. Do that, and you’re fine! Learning the knots was the best part of my day, besides being assigned to a boat. I can’t wait to start my day tomorrow. Well, that’s it for today, check in tomorrow to see how I’m doing!


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