New Adventure

Today I begin a new adventure. I am in training to become a deckhand on a cruise line. With the start of anew adventure comes new anxieties, new problems, and of course, new sights! 

From now until the end of this twelve week adventure, my blog will be like a diary, following my adventure as much as time will allow. 

I am warned of the hard work, long hours, grueling tasks. But the thrill of being on a ship, working to keep it afloat and at high luxury, is just so enthralling to me! 

Today is step one. I am traveling by bus to the train station to a cab to get to a hotel for a meet and greet of fellow trainees. 

I’m very anxious.. They told me I might go straight to a ship after training, and so I’ve packed a crap ton of things I need. Including a waterproof case for my phone, as I am a serious clutz. 

Life is making a turn for the better! Stay tuned for more updates on the adventures of a deckhand!


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