Tree Maze

Photo by Kelsea
Photo by Kelsea

Looking at the world around you, you can see all the wonders that surround you. The tall trees that fight for space in the small plots of land on which the city allows them to grow, the resilient trees that push up sidewalks and spread their roots into the streets. But have you ever looked even closer?

What I See.. In my yard grow many trees, get close enough to simply watch them grow, the intricate patterns in the bark which make a maze for all the little creepy crawly bugs to hide in. It reminds me of “The Borrowers” where these small people would hide among the trees and inside its mighty maze, living amongst the bugs. When you peel layers of bark off a tree and see the smooth trunk beneath, it is filled with an even more intricate maze design. I can just imagine these tiny people, moving through this se just as we walk through our homes. Around each bend would be another adventure. The ants would be ridden like horses, larger bugs treated like farm animals, or predators. They would use silk from spiders to make rope, some of the more skilled people would be able to tame the spiders.

Just imagine the possibilities that could be hidden among the bark of the trees in your own yard. All the secrets that could be hidden in the maze that is naturally created. What do you see when you look at things just a little bit closer?


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