Rhode to Nowhere

Photo found on Pinterest
Photo found on Pinterest

For those of us with creative minds and highly active left brains, a white page or blank screen is not just what it appears to be. What is around us determines what goes on the page. When we are at the ocean we see mermaids, and deep sea diving, sandcastles. When we are in the woods we think of adventure, of mystery, of tree houses and wood nymphs. A blank page is always the start of the adventure. I encourage you to put on some relaxing music I chose Father’s Lullaby by John Huling.

What I see.. As I step into the white fog, watching as it swirls around my feet, I am frightened by the haunting calls of the owl, the feeling of being enclosed by this maddening white fog, so dense I can barely see. As my heart races, the fog begins to fade.. Around me are tall trees, trunks that seem to touch the sky before their canopy of emerald green leaves stretch out and over, enclosing the ground in a gentle caress. Here is warmth, security. The owl stills calls, but no longer does it sound like a haunting, it is like the call of a lover, inviting you to join them in their slumber. I walk this forgotten path with fallen leaves that crunch beneath my feet, enraptured by the calm that seems to pulsate from the surrounding woods. I can’t help but smile as I scan the intermingling trunks. There beneath the trees is a wolf. He is calm, his eyes on me, not as if I was an outsider, but as if I were just a strange new creature he had never seen. I continue to walk along, the light and the end of the path is bright, it stings my eyes as I walk out from the cover of the trees. I return to the land of people and cars, no longer in that fantasy world where people and animals can simply be at rest.

Take a journey through the fog with wordless music, and see where it takes you. This is my key to unlocking my brain when I write. I close my eyes and stare at the blank page, and let my surroundings, my feelings, become the core of my writing. It is truly amazing what can happen when you shut off the right side of your brain, and let the creative juices flow.

What do you see in the fog?


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