Photo by Kelsea
Photo by Kelsea

Have you ever taken a second to really look at the sunset? To actually watch as the sun falls not only past the horizon, but beyond it? To be the first hand witness to the most artistic thing in the world, the sky as it changes from day to night. Just picture this in your mind.

What I see.. There is no wind to ruffle my hair, the fading lights illuminate the world in its soft, candlelight glow. The birds are singing a lullaby to the fading sun, it rings in the ears, pure happiness. Sunset is a time of reflection, to grow new wings and soar into the new adventure that awaits you. I watch as the artistic angels move across the sky, painting it in brilliant hues. Then the ones that bring the blanket of night come, clearing the canvas slowly. Then the Angels filtered into the night sky, bringing their candles that they hold for their loved ones still on earth, they guard and proud them, each star, a candle that was lit as a reminder that you are loved, cherished, and never forgotten.

When you look up into the fiery sky and watch the day turn into night, what is the feeling that washes over you? Is it peace? Maybe love?


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