Photo found on Google.
Photo found on Google.

The hustle and bustle on the outside street is deafening. You walk through the double doors and into an old stone building still thinking about how loud it is. But as your eyes adjust to the subdued lights, the smell of papers and ink fill your mind and the outside world is gone. Before you stands a tall counter, rounded, with an elderly woman with thin wire framed glasses hanging on a chain about her neck, her nose in a book. She smiles down at you and asks you one question. “Can I help you find something?”

What I Say.. “Adventure.” The joy of getting lost in some other place. Searching through endless tales of amazing people doing wondrous things. I look into the pages of the book and the lines of black and white become blurred with the colors of the scene that plays in my mind. When I read the tales of expert adventures who detail what they see, I can see it with them. In Lord of the Flies I was a lost child on the sandy beach, dealing with the adult problems I should never of had to face. When I read the Night World series, I’m one of the the main characters, going through life as normally as I can, before finding out the grim truth of the world around me. When people ask if I like to read I tell them no. I don’t like reading, I like getting lost in the book. Letting it surround my senses until there is no line between my actual reality, and that of the characters I consider my close friends.

What would you look for if you found a library like this? Would you get lost in the words, or just enjoy the monochrome visuals the publisher printed on paper?


4 thoughts on “Books

  1. If I don’t feel sucked into the heartbeat of a book, I am not usually able to finish it. I am happy to report, however, that I have fished monsters from the sea, scaled the mountains of Tibet, sailed with pirates, fought werewolves, attended wizarding school, and traversed the universe. All in one year! Yes, a library to me is a portal, a gateway that transcends time and space. Like the Timelord’s Tardis, stepping inside reveals just what the traveler needs and thus lends itself to endless possibility.

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    1. Oh, I absolutely agree! The marvels of opening the covers of a new adventure and becoming part of the tale, to a degree where reality and fantasy become one very blurred line. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

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