Photo found on Pinterest. Unknown photographer.
Photo found on Pinterest. Unknown photographer.

Wild, untamed power. Predators like the cougar have been looked on as pests throughout history. People have taken for granted the use of guns for defense no hunting and have decided it is their right as living beings to take and to control. If you look at places untouched by man, you see that there is a balance. When you look at places where the animals have gone into hiding, and humans thrive, you see war and violence. Take a moment to step into the furs of the creatures we slaughter. See from their eyes.

What I See.. Beauty. Eyes of Amber ringed with gold. I feel the cold snow beneath my paws, I sink slightly. My whiskers twitch as I open my maw to scent the world around me. The winter has been harsh. I’m hungry, I know one thing, if I don’t eat soon, I won’t survive the rest of the winter. My territory is small, and there are no deer in the area right now. Just past my territory is the land of the legs who protect prey in pens for their own use. That is their territory, but I am hungry, I need to survive. I don’t want to die. I pad down the mountain, I look out into their territory. I see a small bit of prey, frail, it won’t really pass for a good meal, but perhaps it won’t be missed, either. I take my chances, running at full speed into the unknown. I hear them, the prey. They can sense me. I bound over the fence and they scatter, but they have nowhere to go. I find the small one, it’s hide is tough to bite into, but it goes limp quickly, the humans haven’t spotted me yet. I drag my kill back to my territory. The sickly prey has very little meat on its bones, but it fills my belly for now. My ears swivel, I can hear the humans coming into my territory, I’m frightened, there are lots of them. I jump into the tree above me, lying down on the branch above my kill. The humans are filled with anger, I can sense it. But they are in my territory, close to my home. I growl, just once as a warning. I leap down from my branch and head to my home, hoping that they simply go away. It’s the middle of the night now, the humans have gone. I lay my head down on the cool rock of my cave in the mountains, and sleep. I am safe for another day.

What do you see?


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