The Woods

Photo by KelseaC
Photo by KelseaC

Behind the bright green leaves and dark branches lies the cold and forgotten stones of a wall that once marked the lands of a family. Beyond that wall is dense forest that stretches for miles, bending and mixing with the surrounding town. But that’s just what you see with your natural eyes. Look beyond what you see. Can you feel it? Can you sense what’s hidden in that forest?

What I See.. The shadow of a figure as it moves easily through the dense, overgrown forest. The curiosity makes me move in closer, I can hear the danger signals in my mind that warn me of the impending doom, but the light and airy looks of the forest draw me into a sense of safety. As I walk over the fallen leaves, hearing the crunch as they crack under my feet, I see the shadow once more, closer this time. It seems to move like wind through the trees, with long hair that reminds me of the vines that wind up around the trunks of the tall oak trees. The skin was rough, like bark. And the figure itself looked animalistic. As I draw closer I can picture the different animals that seem to make up the body of what lies in front of me now. Eyes of a cat, face, feminine, almost human, except for the bark that seems to cover its entire upper body. From the waist down, the stranger is a fawn, with hooves for feet. A long, thin tail in a tawny color sways behind her. I stand there, frozen in wonder as I gaze over the form of the new creature. “I am a nymph.” She says. “Protector of this forest.” The voice sounds as if it is multiple voices, harmonizing and mixed together in one. As I look closer at the beautiful nymph I notice there are scars in the bark of her arms, seeping sap. Her hooves are cracked and broken, the legs have white scars, long and once deep wounds. I question the reasons of these markings. “When humans destroy my home, I feel the pain of the trees, the despair of the animals that are thrown from their homes. Even the rocks cry out in pain as people try and take over all that they see.”

What do you see when you look at a forgotten forest? Do the nymphs come out and play, or perhaps you see the possibility of a new home?


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