Amusement Park

Unknown Photographer found on Google
Unknown Photographer found on Google

You can see it, trees growing up around the walls, the roots spreading onto the surface, the way the concrete cracks. The way it lifts in places and dips in others. The empty cars that have been forgotten. The wires atop the roof that have long since been turned off. But can you open your mind and look beyond the present and see into the past?

What I See.. Balloons of every shape and color, floating here and there on strings, held in the tiny hands of toddlers who look on in joy as they watch the miniature cars with bright colors crash and spin against a polished concrete floor. I can hear the screams of young girls who got into a car that was sent into a spinning across the surface. The laughs of an older boy as he crashed into the car of his friend. There are no leaves to get in the way of the joyful playing. There is the sound of the screeching tires and it fades into the background of the happy, up-beat carnival music.

Can you see into the past when you look at an abandoned building?


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