The Beach

Photo by Kelsea

Can you hear it? The thundering sounds of the waves as they come crashing down against one another. The smell of the salty sea and the sun-dried seaweed. So strong you can almost taste it on your tongue. Sand and water glitter in the bright noon-day sun. The cool breeze filters through your hair as your toes bury into the soft warm sand.
What I See.. I see a castle on the beach, crafted by delicate hands that had an eye for detail. Tall towers that have been crafted to fine points. Small windows that spiral up those towers. It is large, wide, and expertly done. It’s decorated with sea glass, shells, and even has a seaweed flag. It’s absolutely beautiful. Deep within its walls hides a secret. It was made not just to be pretty, but as a home for the fairies that live on the beach. The ones who protect the creatures that live where land meets water. The castle is hidden well, and those that might stumble upon just think it’s too beautiful to destroy. Have you ever seen a beach fairy? Oh, they are lovely things. With hair the color of sand that flows like the waves. Wings as thin as gossamer fabrics that shimmer like sea-glass. They are mini-humans, varying in size and shape, but all of them are gentle. They care for the gulls who screech, they tend the crabs and turtles that come to make their nests. Every creature who inhabits the beach knows of the fairies.
There are so many things one can see at the beach. What do you see?


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