Photo by Jim & Jamie Dutcher, found on Natinal Geographic site
Photo by Jim & Jamie Dutcher, found on Natinal Geographic site

Evil. Beasts. Deadly. These are the things that cross the mind of the average person. They see eyes that glint in the moon, a long nose, snarling, and curled lips that are peeled back to reveal sharp teeth, stained red. They think of little red riding hood, the movie, ‘The Grey’.

What I see.. I see a close knit family. Through lush summers and harsh winters this family group doesn’t just live in their environment, they thrive and survive. These animals stick together in a hunt, they form a group and take down prey close to three times their size. They take turns. Alphas and Betas eat, and when they are full, the Omega gets to enjoy. But the omega isn’t lesser, they are loved and cherished just like any pack member. The young pups are born in spring time, but it’s not just the mother’s job to look after her own young, the entire pack raises them. Bringing them up in the ways of the pack, so the younger generation can contribute to the older generation. Now don’t get me wrong and start thinking wolves make great pets, nothing more than a dog. Wolves are wild, unpredictable creatures whose main instinct is survive. They are intelligent.

Beyond the facts, they are beautiful. Strong muscles made for running over long, unforgiving lands. They curl up beneath the snow to survive the harshest of conditions. Wolves are a family to be modeled after. They stick together through every situation with a mentality that says “mess with one, you mess with us all.” The bay at the moon in song. They howl to each other to communicate. And each song is unique to the wolf that sings it. Oh there are just so many! Songs that convey loss, others of new life, still others for joy.

What do you see when you think of the wolf? Perhaps something that pops out from a horror story? Maybe a beautiful creature? Something totally different?


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