Tree Stump

Photo by: Kelsea Con
Photo by: Kelsea Con

You’re out for a walk on a bright, clear, sunny day. You pass by an old tree stump, the center is nearly hollowed out, and it has a splice down its side. What goes though your mind when you see it?

Some people see peace and tranquility when they look at nature, no matter what the state. Others see destruction, saddened when they see it in disrepair. Still others see profit, something made, produced, and offered. Then you have the minds of the overactive imagination. A mind that sees past the feelings, and into the story of just what could have been.

What I see.. It’s sad.. The battle that captured the heart of the city of faries that once lived in the heart of this old tree. The once proud, thick walls that surrounded the castle. It was once strong and beautiful, with tall pillars and spiraling stairs that lead upwards in the center of the once tall and mighty tree. But there were needs to be met, and the red mark of death was placed on their loving, nurturing home. They fled, moments before the butchers came with their wide-rimmed blades and hacked away at their home. The faries watched on with tears of hurt and anger as they turned away from their stronghold, into the crisp morning air, to look for a new place to call home.


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