Throne of Want

Art by Callum Johnson
Art by Callum Johnson

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and the same rings true for pieces of art! There are so many pieces out there, this one is close to my heart. It was made by someone very close to me, Callum Johnson. His art site is in case you want to view other pieces of his, as well. Though I know the artist, I’ve a tale

What I See.. I see a once mighty kingdom, the white stone walls surrounding the people and the great castle in its heart. I see those walls surrounded by a vast army. Fires surround them, smoke blacks out the sun. Here we see the throne room, cast in dark shadows, where the king is in contemplation of what to do. He is ready, almost too eager, to lift his rusting sword, and let it taste the salty tang of blood once more. He built his walls as a challenge to those around him. Come and get me, if you dare. I can almost see the dark smile behind the metal mask he wears. Welcoming the coming destruction.

There are a lot of things I see behind this piece of art, this is just one of them. What can you see?


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