Photo by Kelsea
Photo by Kelsea

The sun goes down beyond the horizon, it ignites the sky with burning colors before it fades into the dark, making way for the night. The clouds reflect the last rays of the day, in hues of brilliant orange and glowing yellow. What is the feeling that goes through you mind when you watch the sunset? What goes through the mind when you see the painting in the sky at night?

What I See.. As I watch the blazing colors that fade into cool blues, I feel at ease. I fell like I am relieved, that nothing that went on that day is going to phase me any longer. I roll up all my frustrations of the day and I chuck it onto the setting sun so that it fades away with the day. But what I see,when I sit and simply watch the day fade away, is hiding in the clouds. Have you ever thought of angels? Even if you are not religious, one can think of the people with large feathery wings. I see them, peeking out over the clouds, as if bathing in the last rays of the sun. They wait, eager for the night to begin. During the day, they look out and guide the people below, but at night, they protect. With large swords and sharp arrows, even blazing guns, the Angels guard those who sleep from the demons that try to sneak about.

So what do you see when the world ignites with the brilliant colors of the sunset?


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