Still Waters

Photo by: Kelsea
Photo by: Kelsea

What do you see, when looking out over a calm lake. Just picture it in your mind, the sun is high in the sky, giving off the warmth of noon, while a gentle breeze wafts through the air, the smell of spring. The rocks are still cool from the frigid night before. You walk down the slight incline and touch the still waters to watch as the ripple gets carried away. But what goes through the mind when you are there? What do you feel? Are you afraid of what might lurk below those cold, dark waters? Do you wish you could jump right in?

What I See.. When I look at water, so still and calm that I can see down into it without trying, I think of the possibilities that lurk below. Just imagine, sitting on the edge of a lake, the wind in your hair, but something shiny catches your eye. It’s fast, bright and it is trying to tease you. I can imagine taking a loser look, leaning far over the edge to get a closer look. I loose my footing, I tip into those cold waters and sink to the bottom, but before I can rise to the surface, my eyes catch sight of that shining fleck that drew me in. I’m already wet, so why not follow that mysterious shimmer and see where it leads? As I follow that shimmering set of scales through the blurt waters of murky green, I can feel my lungs burning for air, before I can rise to take a breath, I’m in a dark tunnel, still following that trail. There is a light at the other end of that tunnel and I kick as hard as I can to get to the other side, however, my legs won’t move. As I cross out of the tunnel, I notice that my lungs don’t burn anymore, I look at my legs, because they feel heavy, and what is see astounds me! A fin, like that of a dolphin, a bright and shimmering sapphire blue in color. I don’t know how this happened, but I’m amazed. The waters around me are clearer, I can see for miles in the beautiful oceanic waters. In front of me is the golden-orange tail of a mermaid with long blonde hair and a smile. She holds out her hand to me. “Welcome to Oceana, you have been summoned here. Will you follow your destiny?”

This is is how my mind works,it sees the story behind the picture. But so many see other things. What is it that you see?


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