Photo by Nasser AlOthman on 500px
Photo by Nasser AlOthman on 500px

Breathtaking. The one word that crosses the mind when you look up into a clear, dessert-night sky and see the full blaze of the stars. Peace, tranquility, wonder, amazement, curiosity. humankind has always had a fascination with the mesmerizing stars that surround us. Are we really alone out here in a single life supporting planet?

What I See.. My eyes gaze up into the crystal clear sky as the last rays of the sun have gone and died, the only remaining light is that of the cresting moon, and the innumerable stars that stretch across the wide open plains of space. Oh how my imagination runs wild. I can see it, the flickering colors of binary stars, the red and blue flashes of planes as they streamline across the ocean-like vastness of the sky. And still, beyond that, I see the dreams. the countless world’s that could be out there, the numerous species that could possibly be thriving. Who knows what it would be like! When I was young, I used to imagine there was a girl who was just like me out there, someone who shared my imagination, my curiosity. But instead of looking like me too, I imagined her being almost a centaur. (I loved horses as a kid.) I used to think that when I looked at the stars, she was looking too, and thinking of me. The imagination I have can look at stars, see one, and see the world that is behind it. Once I dreamed that there was a planet comprised entirely of water, it would have all sorts of unknown and beautiful creatures that thrived there. The core, a thick mantle, would be the only ocean floor. It would be salt water, all the most beautiful creatures lived in saltwater. I imagined mer-people as the care-takers, but not as they are seen in most movies, beautiful, modelesque upper bodies and long, slim tails with pearls and glimmering scales. No, in my mind I saw eyes like a shark, deep and black. They had human-like features, heads, torso and arms, but they were covered in scales from head to tail-tip. Each one had varying colors, some fat, some slim, and everything in between. Their tails weren’t one generic type, some flowed like that of an angelfish, others like that of a shark’s tail. They took care of the ocean, made sure there was a balance. They tended injured fish who escaped the jaws of a shark, mourned the passing of older sharks. The mer-people ate kelp and plankton, they communicated with thoughts, and helped each other. They surfaced, there was enough of an atmosphere to have a space between them and the sky. Though there was no land, they had coral reefs, a place to rest and watch the night sky, those beautiful stars. They had their own sun, their own moon, but the stars.. Just as numerous, and they too thought of different worlds, perhaps a world like ours, where the water met the land. Though I wonder if they’d be happy to find our planet, the way we destroy our oceans, and our land.

What kinds of things or even worlds do you see when you look up at the night sky? What crosses the mind when you see the numerous amounts of stars?


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