Close your eyes and imagine this. It is just after dawn, the sky is alive like fire, the beautiful reds blending into orange and fading into the deep blue sky. The sun is chasing away the night. Around you, the world is still and quiet. Trees slowly growing, stretching their limbs into the cloudless sky and above you, in the maze of branches is the nest of the birds. As they wake they sing to one another, welcoming the coming day. You can feel the strength of the wind as it rushes through the trees. Beneath your feet is the soft moss, the crunch of fallen leaves that were never swept away. The smell of rain is on the wind. You can see the clouds as they threaten to cover up the new day. but this is no ordinary forest, not in the minds of those that see past the realities. Here you can hear the loud, almost deafening roar of the dragons that roam the lands. Here, the faries dance around you, their wings glistening in the summer sun, bodies nothing but a glow to the untrained eye. It is here, in the wilderness of the fantastic and unknown that the mind can go wild. I can hear the nymphs as they wake from their trees and the fragrence of flowers as they go about their work, making the forest a beautiful place.

What can you see when you step into the forest? Is it that your wildest dreams come true? Or perhaps you just see whatever pops into your mind?


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