Adventures of a deckhand

Day: 21

Location: Bucksport, ME

Well I haven’t written in a few days and for that I’m sorry! Things have been busy and I’ve been tired. But upon request I am starting back up once more! Today I have spent the day in the little town of Bucksport where by 9:00pm the entire town is shut down. It’s beautiful here though. The water shines like black glass, reflecting the town on the water as if it were a mirrored dimension one could just sink into. The stars are out in full force and light the sky like glittering diamonds. I have painted the boat, I have run lines by the day, and hauled tons of trash!! I still enjoy the job, it’s absolutely great! Sometimes dealing with one particular supervisor becomes difficult.. I’m one of those people who pushes themselves to the limit  I feel rather belittled and disrespected when someone talks down to me or makes it seem like they think I can’t do my job. It angers me..



Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 6

Location: Rockland 

Well, as you see, if you’ve been keeping up with me, I’ve missed a day! I was so dang tired I couldn’t have written a coherent sentence if my life depended on it.  I did, however, get to find out something I never knew about myself.. I get seasick. I was fine when I was at the helm, yes, I drove the cruise ship! It was absolutely amazing! But anywhere else, I was basically curled up in a little ball, which was not pleasant. I decided I want to start a running tally of all the beautiful things I see when I am away from home. I have seen three Dolphins, one Seal, five starfish on posts, and lots of flocks of seagulls! I saw a whole bunch of osprey, and even a black duck that is apparently called a Canuck? Not really sure how to spell that.. It’s a black duck with a white bill, it dives under the water and actually swims! It was really cool to see, I wish I could have gotten a picture. While we were tossing around in the sea, the storm got bad enough we needed to turn around. So instead of heading to Portland, we made our way back through choppy waters out to Rockland. It really is pretty here.  
This is in the main square. 


There is a really cool lighthouse museum.


And a giant iron lobster!

Feeling: Excited! Sleep deprived. Happy! 

Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 3

Location: Rockland, ME

Today my day started at 6:30am I helped pull in the lines from Belfast and then helped with the anchor when we reached Camden. I even got to help ready the tender to go to the mainland! That was when I was finally able to take a nap.

After Camden we pulled up the anchor and we were on our way to Rockland. I got to help by tossing the lines over, washing all the windows,  scrubbed the side of the boat, sprayed anti rust stuff, and had some great meals!

I’m actually still working up a storm… I don’t get off until 6am this is gonna be rough! But I’ll pull through! Who knows maybe I can get some parts of my story done! Wouldn’t that be great! Tomorrow is gonna be another long day! But it promises to be a good one! More news on my adventures to follow later.

Feeling: excited, tired, bored, ready to do some work! 

Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 3 (Start of week 1)

Location: Belfast, ME

I am officially onboard the American Glory! After eight hours of travel I arrived in Belfast ME WHERE WE WERE DOCKED. Nobody really knew I was supposed to show up.. But hey! It’s all good, since they let me onboard. I got time to put my stuff away and then I started my shift! I worked from 1900 till 0000 and it was great!  Days are based on work I suppose, so that would be all for my day 3 adventure! I get 5 hours sleep and then I’m off to Camden ME! 

Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 2

Location: Guliford, CT

Yesterday was my second day of training. I was so exhausted afterwards thy I got bck to the hotel me crashed till morning. I know the hard work is just beginning, and that’s okay with me! We worked on steering simulations. The hardest part was when they had us stay on a steady point. Remembering all the commands you need to say was definitely a task in and of itself. We also had a heaving line throwing contest. Tossing a monkey fist attached to a line, was a lot of fun. We get to yell really loud! I won. Did I mention I was the only female in a training class of 11? Go girl power! I received my uniforms and we went over more safety procedures. The entire training expierence is just so exciting!! Today I am on my way to my first port! I’m excited to get onboard.  Keep checking back with me! As I find time I will be posting regular updates!! When my schedule allows, anyway. 

Feeling: Excited, Anxious, Ready for this Adventure!!

Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 1

Location: Guliford, CT

  Today was my first dose of what a 12 hour day would be like. Though we didn’t get much for training done, I learned two types of knots, how to do a back splice, and even how everything on the ship works. I was told about the schedule and how they stagger it to make the work load easier to bare. I was told about how tips were split evenly. This company quite simply sounds like a lot of fun to work for! At the beginning of the day, they told us that they didn’t have very many spots available, however when the class ended, five of us received our orders for getting aboard! I was lucky enough to get on the American Glory. It travels up and down the east coast from RI to ME, and that means I’ll be close by family at all times. My sister is thrilled. We went over uniforms, pay schedules, and of course there was a boat load of safety techniques that I have put to memory. I am a female in a male dominated role, well, I guess it’s not the first time! Heck, I am the only female in my training class!! I’ve been sailing many times, but this will be the first time that I will be cruising down the waterways as a deckhand. There is a lot of hard work, little room for error, and less room for poor attitudes. I’m felling petty good about making it as far as I have. I know that there is much more rigorous training to come, especially when I get on my boat! I still don’t quite know how I am going to get there, but I do know they are going to get me there soon!! Yay! Tomorrow I will be working on the steering simulator, working with lines and knots, and tossing a heaving line. The most dangerous part of my job is docking the ship. They went over what if scenarios that don’t (knock on wood) happen. Such as slipping overboard and being squished between the boat and the pier.. Loosing appendages due to the ropes snagging jewelry. Scary options..but it all comes down to listening to the basic instructions. Do that, and you’re fine! Learning the knots was the best part of my day, besides being assigned to a boat. I can’t wait to start my day tomorrow. Well, that’s it for today, check in tomorrow to see how I’m doing!

Adventures of a Deckhand

Day: 0

Location: Guliford, CT

Photo by Kelsea
Photo by Kelsea

I am calling today, day Zero because we didn’t do much but travel. I arrived at my destination around 3:00pm and waited until later in the day in order to have a “Meet and Greet” which included yummy pizza and information about what a deckhand’s duties were to be. I discovered I am the only female in training for this position. Well! There were plenty of questions, most of them being fired from myself. I received my schedule for the next two days of training and was told I might be put on a ship come Friday! I’m excited. The adventure is only just beginning, and I know I have my work cut out for me, but what a wonderful way to travel!

My day will start at 6am tomorrow and it will not end until 6:00pm that night. I will be taught how to tie knots, steer a large vessel, and safety measures. I will be learning new skills, remembering old ones, and discovering my limits as I work my day. Honestly, I’m excited for it all to begin! Though I am unsure of how I will do, I am confident that I will be putting my best foot forward. I am ready for this new. Chapter in my life, and who knows, maybe it’ll spark some heat under my feet to get my novel done!

How I’m feeling: Excited. Revved up. Like a conquerer!